• Berkeley Madonna individual licenses cost $299 per user. Quantity discounts are available for 5 to 14 licenses ($199 per user) and 15 or more licenses ($129 per user).
  • Student licenses are available to those attending accredited academic institutions for $99 per user. Quantity discounts are available for 5 to 14 licenses ($69 per user) and 15 or more licenses ($49 per user).
  • Competitive upgrades are offered for $99 to licensed owners of the following products on a one-for-one basis:
  • Version upgrades are offered to owners of Berkeley Madonna 7.x or Madonna 6.0 individual licenses for $49 per license. Site license holders should contact us for upgrade information.

How to purchase

  1. Download and install the Berkeley Madonna software.
  2. To buy a license (and get the full functionality of the software) go to our online store at above.
  3. When you have completed the purchasing process you will be shown a "Thank You for your Order" page. That page will include the license code. Please be sure to copy it for future reference. You will also receive an email from Kagi with your license code and a copy of the Berkeley Madonna User's Guide. If you don't receive the email message within a day, please let us know.
  4. When you get the license info from Kagi, launch Berkeley Madonna and open the REGISTRATION dialog page (it's in the Berkeley Madonna HELP menu). Copy the license number from the Kagi email into the Madonna REGISTRATION page.Be sure to copy the information exactly as it appears in the email message from Kagi or the OK button will remain disabled.

For Government

  • The following VPAT document describes how the compatable accessibility features of Berkeley Madonna help federal agencies address the requirements of Section 508 Standards. A Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, or VPAT, is a standardized form developed by the Information Technology Industry Council to show how a software product meets key regulations of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. The act requires all agencies and departments of the U.S. federal government to make electronic information and technology accessible to federal employees and members of the public with disabilities.

Berkeley Madonna VPAT for 508 compliance

For Enterprise, and Large Organizations

  • If your business or organization requires the ability to run Berkeley Madonna over the network for multiple users, our new "Berkeley Madonna Server" will fit your needs.
  • Berkeley Madonna Server is also compatible with Amazon Web Service, Windows 2012 Server. BM Server is easy to implement which greatly reduces the time and resources required for setup versus the process for installing the standard Berkeley Madonna on each individual users local host.
  • BM Server also makes collaboration easier, with BM Server the Madonna software is centralized on a server that individual users can login and run their calculations and save the data to the server which allows other members of their user group the view and work with the shared data easily. If you feel BM Server may be right for your research team, Please contact us at for details and pricing.